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Re: reg airflow on kubernetes

Pod has unbound PersistentVolumeClaims sounds like an error from Kubernetes.

Have you specificed any specific persistent volumes in your kube config for Airflow? Are you running in AWS with EBS volume provisioning - if so could be your issue (Not that is "closed" but the problem still persists)


> On 15 Nov 2018, at 14:09, wrote:
> Hi,
> I was following the below steps to run airflow on kubernetes and getting below error.
> Can any one share thoughts or point to detailed steps to install airflow on kubernetes?
> Error:
> The POD status is "Pending" and shows error "Pod has unbound PersistentVolumeClaims (repeated 2 times)"
> Steps:
> sed -ie "s/KubernetesExecutor/LocalExecutor/g" scripts/ci/kubernetes/kube/configmaps.yaml
> ./scripts/ci/kubernetes/docker/
> ./scripts/ci/kubernetes/kube/
> thanks.