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Customised alerts/notifications and enhancements to alerting/notifications on Airflow

Hello airflow committers and maintainers,
       I came across sla in airflow. It's a very good feature to begin
with. I feel like few enhancements can be done. These enhancements are not
limited to just sla, they basically are voids i felt when im using airflow.
Im listing few of them here.

   1. SLA alerts to slack channel(s) along with emails
   2. Alerts at DAG level(starting, success and failure).
   3. custom callbacks just like `*on_failure_callback*`, `
   *on_retry_callback*` and `*on_success_callback*` on DAG level.
   4. Alerts if task gets completed before minimum run time(This is really
   a rare case. But there will be few long running jobs that we know for sure
   runs for at least few hours and if they exit before that it means something
   wrong. We need warning alerts for such cases.)
   5. Default/Global Alert config(default emails to send all alerts and/or
   slack channel to send alerts)

Some of these might have already been solved or someone is working to
solve. Please share your thoughts and add anything else i missed to this