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Call for fixes for Airflow 1.10.1

Hi everyone,

I'm starting the process of gathering fixes for a 1.10.1. So far the list of issues I have that we should pull in are (reproduces below)

I will start pushing these as cherry-picked commits to the v1-10-stable branch today.

If you have something that is not in the list below let me know. I'd like to keep this to bug fixes against 1.10.0 only if possible. Deadlock after clearing a running task update tabulate dep to 0.8.2 Bad Import in collect_dag in DagBag Show code for packaged DAGs Add syntax highlight for single quote strings Cannot convert naive_datetime when task has a naive start_date/end_date Deprecated Celery Option not in Options list No Parameter to change bootDiskType for DataprocClusterCreateOperator Docstrings for Hooks/Operators are in incorrect format flatten_results in BigQueryOperator/BigQueryHook should default to None

In addition to those PRs which are already marked with Fix Version of 1.10.1 I think we should also pull in these: Rename async variable for Python 3.7.0 compatibility Prevent scheduler from spamming heartbeats/logs A trivial incorrectness in CeleryExecutor() Missing CSRF Token Error on Web RBAC UI Create/Update Operations Update dag_run table end_date when state change
(though as written it has a few other deps to cherry pick in, so will see about this one)