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Avoid sensor sleep by rescheduling task, was: Re: How to wait for external process

I digged a bit into the Airflow code and I think I found a possible
solution, see draft at [1]:
Add a "reschedule" flag to BaseSensorOperator, when set it doesn't sleep
but raises an AirflowRescheduleTask exception. Within the TaskInstance
this exception is handled, similar to a failure. The task state is set
to UP_FOR_RETRY. The task is rescheduled by the scheduler.

* Only small code changes are required
* Leverage the existing retry mechanism, including delay and exponential

* Overhead by running the task again and again

I'd like to ask the community if that is a valueable change to be
included into Airflow?

If so I'll create a Jira, improve the branch, and send a PR:
* Find a solution for timeout and soft_fail
* Add tests
* Add a task_reschedule table (similar to the task_fail table)

Also some open questions:
* Should a separate state (e.g. UP_FOR_RESCHEDULE) be used to
differentiate between error and intended reschedule? Then proably also
different parameters for delay and exponential backoff make sense.
* Maybe it's feasable to execute the sensor poke code directly by the
scheduler to avoid execution of mini task? But that can be done in a
separate change.

Kind Regards,