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Re: KubernetesPodOperator: Invalid arguments were passed to BaseOperator

For this particular DeprecationWarning, this problem is not caused
by dependencies on kubernetes stuff.

On this line:

The __init__() method for KubernetesPodOperator is calling the __init__()
for BaseOperator, and passing in values for kwargs that BaseOperator
doesn't accept:

name': 'airflow-test-pod',
'image': 'ubuntu:16.04',
'labels': {'foo': 'bar'},
'namespace': 'default',
'cmds': ['bash', '-cx'],
'arguments': ['echo', '10'],
'in_cluster': False,
'get_logs': True

I don't understand how these things are being passed via kwargs?


On Wed, May 30, 2018 at 1:40 AM Driesprong, Fokko <fokko@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Hi Craig,
> This is something that needs to be fixed. I agree with you this is very
> dirty. In your installation you're not installing the kubernetes stuff, so
> the KubernetesPodOperator is ignored. We need to figure out how to have
> example dags that are not compatible with the vanilla installation, or we
> need to remove the kubernetes example for now, and move it to the
> documentation.
> Cheers, Fokko