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Re: Convert Dag Run from Backfill to Scheduled?

Airflow is not going to schedule backfill DAG runs, by looking at the dag
run ID (which will start by 'backfill__'). If you want the scheduler to
schedule those tasks, you can click the DAG run and edit its name back to

Kevin Y

On Fri, May 25, 2018 at 3:53 PM, Scott Halgrim <
scott.halgrim@xxxxxxxxxx.invalid> wrote:

> I’ve got four months of dag runs that were scheduled dag runs, then I
> backfilled them. And now when I clear a task from one of those the dag run
> goes to “running,” but none of the tasks get scheduled (unless I manually
> backfill each of them)
> What I really should have done here was just cleared a mid-dag task as
> well as all downstream tasks for these dag runs, but, well, now I’m here
> and I’m wondering what the best way to fix this.
> Thanks!