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Re: Problem with the scheduler?

Hi Stephane,

First cron string does not look correct. It says the 2nd of each month. Check here:*_*

However second looks okay to me. It says 2(-31)/2, every second day from 2 till 31. Maybe the first string needs 1/2?

Also, check this SO (sorry) answer:

On May 23, 2018, at 5:28 PM, Stephane Bonneaud <stephane@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<mailto:stephane@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:


I came about an issue with Airflow that I am wonder how to deal with it and thought I should reach out to see if you know about this issue and/or have advice on how to deal with it.

I have around 6 or 7 DAGs on Airflow that are scheduled to run at different intervals. Two of them should run every other day and, for some reason, they stopped running at some point, apparently not at the same time. So, they were running properly every other day, but then, they just stopped being scheduled, possibly around the same time, though I suspect that one was not scheduled anymore before the other one. Also, it does not seem to happen with my other DAGs, which are scheduled to run mostly daily, or bi-monthly. So maybe it has something to do with my scheduling string?

Here is the scheduling string for each of the DAGs: '0 7 */2 * *’ and '0 7 2/2 * *’
This seems to be the proper CRON string.

Have you seen that problem before?
How would you go about debugging this or do you have any advice/pointers for me?

Thank you very much for your time and help,
Have a wonderful rest of the day,

Best regards,
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