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Re: Where to put docs on configuring specific kinds of connections? (Or restructuring the docs the way Django does)

Hi Tim,

My personal opinion is to write the docs on GCP connection down at GCP Integration page <> would be an ideal fit but would like to hear others opinion as well.

+1 for creating separate How-To guides.


On 21/05/2018, 21:35, "Tim Swast" <swast@xxxxxxxxxx.INVALID> wrote:

    Hey folks,
    I'd like to write some docs on how to create a GCP connection (and leave
    room for documenting other kinds of connections as well). Currently it
    seems like there are a couple places such a thing could fit:
    There's also the concepts guide, but I definitely don't think that's the
    right place for documenting a specific task like this.
    There's a principle I'm used to following with the GCP docs, that the distinct
    kinds of documentation
    should be organized separately. The Django project does this by splitting into
       - Tutorials
       - Topic guides (what Airflow calls Concepts)
       - Reference guides
       - How-to guides
    I'd like to propose we split some of the existing "Configuration" topics
    into separate how-to guides. What do you think?
    Meta: Should I create JIRA issues for this kind of pre-discussion or start
    here as I've done?
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