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Where to put docs on configuring specific kinds of connections? (Or restructuring the docs the way Django does)

Hey folks,

I'd like to write some docs on how to create a GCP connection (and leave
room for documenting other kinds of connections as well). Currently it
seems like there are a couple places such a thing could fit:


There's also the concepts guide, but I definitely don't think that's the
right place for documenting a specific task like this.

There's a principle I'm used to following with the GCP docs, that the distinct
kinds of documentation
should be organized separately. The Django project does this by splitting into

   - Tutorials
   - Topic guides (what Airflow calls Concepts)
   - Reference guides
   - How-to guides

I'd like to propose we split some of the existing "Configuration" topics
into separate how-to guides. What do you think?

Meta: Should I create JIRA issues for this kind of pre-discussion or start
here as I've done?

*  •  **Tim Swast*
*  •  *Software Friendliness Engineer
*  •  *Google Cloud Developer Relations
*  •  *Seattle, WA, USA

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