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Re: Dags getting failed after 24 hours

Even though it's possible to set and `execution_timeout` on any task and/or
a dagrun_timeout on DAG runs, by default it's all set to None (unless
you're somehow setting the DAG's default parameters in some other ways).

Maybe your have some OS-level policies on long-running processes in your
environment? Anything in the logs? SIGKILL?


On Mon, May 21, 2018 at 5:13 AM ramandumcs@xxxxxxxxx <ramandumcs@xxxxxxxxx>

> Hi All,
> We have a long running DAG which is expected to take around 48 hours. But
> we are observing that its get killed by Airflow scheduler after ~24 hrs. We
> are not setting any Dag/task execution timeout explicitly.
> Is there any default timeout value that get used. We are using
> LocalExecutor mode.
> We checked in the Airflow code but execution timeout values seem to be set
> to 'None'
> Thanks,
> Raman Gupta