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Re: Bugs in apache-airflow 1.9.0, what should I upgrade to for the fixes?

On 2018/05/20 09:50:34, "Driesprong, Fokko" <fokko@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 
> Hi Craig,
> Thanks for reaching out. My advise would be to work on a branch of Airflow
> which you can easily install with Pip:
> pip install git+https://github.comapache/incubator-airflow
> @airflow-1-9-patched


Thanks for your response.
Based on your response, I want to try to stick to using the Airflow github repository
from a specific git revision if possible.

I created a requirements.txt with two lines:


I then did:
1.  create a virtual environment
2.  pip install -r requirements.txt
3.   airflow webserver
When I look at the version in the web interface, it shows a version of:


even though I used the v1-10-test branch.

It looks like these two commits got merged to v1-10-test branch which bump the version to 2.0:


That seems wrong for v1-10-test branch.

Do you know what the timeline for airflow 1.10 is?
I think I want to get my stuff to work with airflow v1-10-test branch this week,
using a requirements.txt like what I mentioned above.
Then when airflow 1.10 is officially released, I can make a quick change to pin the requirements.txt
at airflow 1.10.