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Re: Apache Airflow welcome new committer/PMC member : Naik Kaxil (a.k.a. kaxil)

Hi all,

My apache account creation has been sorted out. 

Few of the questions I have are:

- How should I verify that I have enough permissions to merge a PR?
- Can someone grant my Jira user (kaxilnaik) permission to edit/close tickets?
	- Same for github (userid= kaxil)
	- Same for confluence (email: kaxilnaik@xxxxxxxxx)

I am following the instructions from for merging a PR.

Is there any other information which I should know? 



Kaxil Naik 

Data Reply
2nd Floor, Nova South
160 Victoria Street, Westminster
London SW1W 5LB - UK 
phone: +44 (0)20 7730 6000