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Interesting things about how to know it's a DAG file


I just create a custom Dag class naming such as "MyPipeline" by extending the "DAG" class, but Airflow is failed to identify this is a DAG file.

After digging into the Airflow implementation around the file:

# Heuristic that guesses whether a Python file contains an # Airflow DAG definition. might_contain_dag = True if safe_mode and not zipfile.is_zipfile(file_path): with open(file_path, 'rb') as f: content = might_contain_dag = all( [s in content for s in (b'DAG', b'airflow')])

So if the keyword "DAG" and "airflow" contained, it is a DAG file.

I don't know is there any other be more scientific way for this ?