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Messages expiration not always working


I have a configuration with one virtualtopic and three queues.
I send multiples messages on the virtualtopic and they all have a expiration

Sometime, when the queue has no consumer, the expired messages on the queue
are not removed properly and remain on the queue, but this does not happen
to all the queues...
I don't know how to reproduce this:


As you can see on the picture, the 2 queues with no consumer should have the
same size, but it's not the case...

The problem is that is uses a huge amount of diskspace:

As soon as I browse the queue from the webconsole, I can see that the
expiration mechanism starts, and after a couple of minutes, all the expired
messages are gone.

Could anyone explain why this happens ?
I'm using ActiveMQ 5.15.4

Thanks in advance.

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