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How to do a divert using an xpath filter?

Hi, I'm using version 2.6.3 of Artemis and trying to set up a divert from one queue to another using an xpath filter. Unfortunately this doesn't work as my XML Test messages are not getting diverted but stay in the incoming queue.
My adresses in broker.xml look like this      <addresses>         <address name="DLQ">            <anycast>               <queue name="DLQ" />            </anycast>         </address>         <address name="ExpiryQueue">            <anycast>               <queue name="ExpiryQueue" />            </anycast>         </address>
         <address name="Incoming">            <anycast>               <queue name="Incoming" />            </anycast>         </address>        <address name="XMLMessages">
            <anycast>               <queue name="XMLMessages" />            </anycast>         </address>        </addresses>
My divert looks like this   <diverts>   <divert name="xmldivert">
 <address>Incoming</address> <forwarding-address>XMLMessages</forwarding-address>                     <filter string="XPATH '//ContractedTimeTableMsg/Message'"/> 
     <exclusive>true</exclusive>   </divert>         </diverts>
My XML message looks like this<ContractedTimeTableMsg> <Message type="123"> </Message></ContractedTimeTableMsg>

Is it possible to use an XPATH Filter like this in a divert? If not, is there another, correct way to do it?I'm using Java 8 and a standalone installation of Artemis. Xalan is on the classpath, I tried version 2.6 and version 2.7.If this is generally the correct way, how would you debug this?