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memory leak


I'm facing a strange memory leak on one of my production environment (others
environments are ok)

The Environment
 1) AIX 7.1
 2) IBM JVM 1.7 
 3) ActiveMQ broker 5.12.2 embedded in our java monitoring application 
 3) Client are either java client (embedded inside a front office war
application) or C++ client based on CMS 3.8 (Back office standalone

the operating mode is straightforward : front office application invoke
business services (request - reply) to back office applications. 
We are sure that all requests are correctly queued and  de-queued. We also
didn't notice slow consumer effects.

We got a memory leak, as reported by memory leak analysis (see attached

Our memory analysis tools points 2 suspects and one hint:

suspect 1 : 113 206 instance of ActiveMQMessage 
suspect 2 : 157 instances of
hint : all suspects have a common chain : =>

can that mean that the problem is related to jmx monitoring ?

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