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Re: Designing for maximum Artemis performance

So perf doesnt increase by having more slaves. 
Having a cluster setup with multiple masters (note every master would need a slave) or if you use amqp protocol using federated clusters with qpid dispatch router would deal help with this.
If you need to protect from single server / single az failure, then a simple master/slave setup would cover this. (As long as you deploy master in one AZ and slave in another)


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I'm not sure I understand your question(s) @clebertsuconic?

We are building highly scalable systems and highly distributed systems, so
the need for the multiple backups is there to ensure that in the unlikely
event of a server or AZ failure, our systems still run at the maximum
available performance of Artemis, at all times.

If a master server in a cluster stops running for whatever reason, how do we
ensure it becomes the master again if there are two slaves/backups in the
'backup groups' ?

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