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Re: Designing for maximum Artemis performance

The master/slave/slave triplet architecture complicates fail-back quite a
bit and it's not something the broker handles gracefully at this point.
I'd recommend against using it for that reason.

To Clebert's point...I also don't understand why you wouldn't let the cloud
infrastructure deal with spinning up another live node when one fails.  I
was under the impression that's kind of what clouds are for.


On Tue, Oct 2, 2018 at 6:56 PM schalmers <
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> I'm not sure I understand your question(s) @clebertsuconic?
> We are building highly scalable systems and highly distributed systems, so
> the need for the multiple backups is there to ensure that in the unlikely
> event of a server or AZ failure, our systems still run at the maximum
> available performance of Artemis, at all times.
> If a master server in a cluster stops running for whatever reason, how do
> we
> ensure it becomes the master again if there are two slaves/backups in the
> 'backup groups' ?
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