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Re: queue getting created under topics header

Can you please post your code?

Also, this sounds like a question about Spring's JmsTemplate, which is
maintained by the people at Spring, not us. So although we're happy to look
at your code and see if we spot a mistake in the code you've written, if
it's a bug in the JmsTemplate itself, you'll need to be talking to them via
the Spring forums, not us. Also, for a fairly general question such as
this, you might get good responses by also posting it at StackOverflow.


On Mon, Sep 24, 2018, 7:49 PM subhankardasgupta10@xxxxxxxxx <
subhankardasgupta10@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Once i post any message to a topic using
> jmsTemplate.setPubSubDomain(true);
> the message gets delivered to the topic but after this when i try to send
> any message to a different queue the queue gets created under topics and
> treat itself as topic not queue.
> I am using spring boot and i need topics and queue implementation in the
> same project and both will get triggered at the same time.
> Can anyone help? Thanks
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