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Re: jolokia cors and

Couple of things:

   - The "addresses" command-line parameter has nothing to do with network
   addresses.  It's for specifying broker-level addresses (i.e. a place to
   send messages).
   - You can work-around the issue by using a real address rather than  Also, there is no way for the broker to determine the proper
   address to be used in jolokia-access.xml if is specified.  In
   general, I discourage users from using because it is ambiguous and
   causes problems.


On Tue, Sep 18, 2018 at 6:09 AM jigar.parekh80 <jigar.parekh80@xxxxxxxxx>

> Hi,
> found very strange issue while configuring artemis, which blocks web
> access.
> When i try to create instance with option --addresses=
> --http-host= cli correctly configures bootstrap.xml and broker.xml.
> it also adds http-host to jolokia-access.xml as due to cli
> implemenation as
> <allow-origin>*://${}*</allow-origin>
> this will work if specific ip or domain provided but with web
> console does not connect to server as from browser it sends origin as IP
> address of host which gets blocked by jolokia security.
> is there any way workaround or fix for this without manually modifying
> jolokia-access.xml ?
> Regards,
> Jigar
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