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Re: Filtering in ActiveMQ Artemis. Reload of config in a cluster

Quite a bit of the queue config is updateable. Whilst this config currently is not i see no reason why it couldnt be if you wanted to contribute the support for it to be. 
Obviously the caveat would be any message already routed would not be affected, only new ones.

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-------- Original message --------From: Clebert Suconic <clebert.suconic@xxxxxxxxx> Date: 05/09/2018  17:51  (GMT+00:00) To: users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Subject: Re: Filtering in ActiveMQ Artemis. Reload of config in a cluster 
The Filter is not changed on the queue...

Especially that those filters will select messages before they enter the queue.

You would need to delete and recreate the queue, so new messages are
placed properly.
On Wed, Sep 5, 2018 at 8:14 AM z94joma <prenumeration99@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> A question about Filtering in ActiveMQ Artemis.
> If I have a queue named MyQueue.IN and a filter only accepting a certain JMS
> Headers. Let's say ORDER.
> In Broker.xml under the tag
> <core>
> <configuration-file-refresh-period>5000</configuration-file-refresh-period>
>   <queues>
>     <queue name="MyQueue.IN">
>         <address>MyQueue.IN</address>
>         <filter string="TOSTATUS='ORDER'"/>
>         <durable>true</durable>
>     </queue>
>   </queues>
> </core>
> As I read the manual, changing the Broker.xml it should now relaod config in
> Broker.xml every 5 seconds.
> But when I change the filter to
> <filter string="TOSTATUS='ORDERPICKUP'"/>
> The config is not changed in ActiveMQ Artemis.
> Not even if I restart the node the filter changes. Caching?
> It is in a cluster but I have changed Broker.xml on both sides.
> Any ideas on how to change a filter on a queue? Preferably by changing the
> Broker.xml
> /Zeddy
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