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Filtering in ActiveMQ Artemis. Reload of config in a cluster

A question about Filtering in ActiveMQ Artemis.

If I have a queue named MyQueue.IN and a filter only accepting a certain JMS
Headers. Let's say ORDER.

In Broker.xml under the tag


    <queue name="MyQueue.IN">
        <filter string="TOSTATUS='ORDER'"/>
As I read the manual, changing the Broker.xml it should now relaod config in
Broker.xml every 5 seconds.

But when I change the filter to

<filter string="TOSTATUS='ORDERPICKUP'"/>
The config is not changed in ActiveMQ Artemis.

Not even if I restart the node the filter changes. Caching?

It is in a cluster but I have changed Broker.xml on both sides.

Any ideas on how to change a filter on a queue? Preferably by changing the


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