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artemis colocated ha-policy

currently I am evaluating HA-Policy for artemis and came across strange
situation where slave nodes goes missing after simple restart, below


i follow below steps to evaluate

1) start both servers and verify both servers has master as active and
backup of each as passive
shutdown server 1, verify server 2 has master and colocated backup both
start server 1, verify fail-back occurred for server 1 so server has active
server 2 has master as active and backup of server 1 as passive
but during this process when server 1 is up it does not run any backup it
has only master active no new request for backup generated from server 2 and
it looses backup completely

not sure what could be wrong in this configuration as this could be very
basic scenario where i expect that after server restart each server have one
backup running.

I am using artemis 2.6.2 version

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