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AW: AW: [DISCUSS] OpenTracing in Artemis

> We have extended properties in AMQP as we cannot modify the message on the
> server.

I guess you mean the AMQPMessage.extraProperties here (?).

I would use these extraProperties in such a way for an incoming AMQP message:
- read passed on tracing context from deliveryAnnotations
- create *child* tracing context and store its ID in the extraProperties of the AMQP message. 
- if the message is to be delivered to a non-AMQP consumer, the "AmqpCoreConverter.toCore" conversion will preserve the tracing ID by putting it in the

One caveat here:
I have to store it as a *bytes* property inside the extraProperties (otherwise there would be an exception in AmqpCoreConverter.toCore()).
Using a String property would be more convenient here and would prevent necessary conversions because the aforementioned
"opentracing-contrib/java-jms" module also stores the context in String properties in a JMS message.

If you see no issues with supporting any kind of TypedProperty for the extraProperties, I would create a Github issue to change the extraProperties handling in AmqpCoreConverter.toCore() accordingly.

For the other requirement in this scenario (reading/setting AMQP delivery annotations), I have created
along with a PR.