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AW: AW: AW: [DISCUSS] OpenTracing in Artemis

> This kind of distributed tracing seems almost like logging frameworks where
> eventually a facade like slf4j was developed to support all the different
> individual frameworks.
> In any event, I definitely think it's best at this point simply for the
> broker to expose hooks (e.g. ActiveMQServerPlugin) rather than integrate a
> particular solution (as Michael has already suggested).

ok, makes sense. I can understand the points made previously about not wanting to integrate it in the broker at this point.

> I also think the code should be hosted in a separate repository so it can
> have its own release cycle, etc.  The broker documentation could certainly
> have a chapter on distributed tracing which links to the other repo, though.

Good. So, it'll be a solution based on a broker plugin/interceptors. And opentracing-contrib looks like the preferred place to put it.

> As far as the broker goes, the goal here should be improving the
> ActiveMQServerPlugin so that all the hooks are present to support
> distributed tracing well.  I believe some PRs have already been sent for
> this.
I've checked the PRs on github and didn't find any open ones on it. I've created an issue for this improvement (ARTEMIS-2044) and can add a PR for that.

Do you see any other possible new hooks concerning the message lifecycle in Artemis for which it could make sense to add tracing? (e.g. concerning message serialization)