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Re: AW: AW: [DISCUSS] OpenTracing in Artemis

Btw similar initiatives, which all could be requesting similar stating the same argument.

I dont think it be suitable to natively support all of these (and im sure there is more) within the core product, thus why the plugins exist so people can add and maintain the support, without needing changes in the core broker.

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Whilst appreciate that open tracing project intent is that it becomes the standard, afaik there is just two main project adopting it zipkin and jaeger.
Currently none of the big APM vendors some i mentioned in previous are backing it. As such they could form create their standard and then come with the same request. So in my mind its not an established api that had critical mass to the level like jms or jmx is just yet. And i would be wary of adding it at this time. 
As noted by the original email the current plugins expose a good amount to be able to create such a plugin. 
Lastly this can live as i said earlier within open tracing contribs project, it can then benefit from its own release cycle.
Also there was a decision a while back to keep integrations to artemis plugins level, and for them not to be part of the broker for similar arguements. I for one wanted to add a kafka integration in, but same reasons its ended up having its own project else where.

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