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Re: fetching queue details

Is this for Artemis or for 5.x?

For 5.x, there is no way to do this via STOMP without writing a custom
plugin that will first publish the information as a message so it can be
consumed as well as having your client request the creation of that message
so it can be consumed, and doing that is at least as hard as just using the
REST APIs, probably a good bit harder. I question whether you actually have
a non-negotiable requirement to use STOMP to achieve your goals; I suspect
that you'll find that REST is in fact a reasonable way to meet your needs.


On Tue, Aug 14, 2018, 12:32 AM arungujjar <arunkumar.gujjar94@xxxxxxxxx>

> Thanks for the reply @jbertram
> But i need to fetch the queue details using only stomp protocol and the
> code
> should be hardcoded.
> I mean in java we have getQueues() which prints the queues, i need the
> similar method in python to fetch the queue details including enqueue count
> and dequeue count.
> I'm sharing the link once go through it, so that you can know my
> requirement....
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