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Re: Artemis (JBoss EAP 7) to HornetQ (EAP 6) elaboration on RedHat example

Hi Justin!  Nice to hear from you again - hope all is well!  It does seem to
be an application server issue, if I run the code standalone in eclipse,
everything works fine but when it was deployed to JBoss EAP 7 - JBoss didnt
like any of the JBoss 6 related jars so I had to try and exclude the
messaging sub system which sort of worked except for the random failures.

I dont mind eliminating the app server from the picture as right now I'm
just trying to get the code to run in eclipse without an app server and
thats where I'm running into issues.  Let me clean up the code and possibly
someone here can explain what I might be doing wrong!  Last resort is a Red
Hat ticket as I think it would be beneficial for them to give an example for
others as well.  I'll follow up with the code.  Thanks again for the quick


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