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[ARTEMIS] Can Artemis act as a proxy for Artemis?

I'm still playing with different topologies of ActiveMQ Artemis in
Kubernetes. An almost satisfactory one (also playing with colocated but
anti-affinity is difficult there) is to have master and slaves paired in
two stateful sets:

        |                       |
        |                       |
        |                       |
+-------+--------+     +--------+-------+
|artemis master 1|     |artemis master 2|
+----------------+     +--------+ ------+
        |group-name=artemis-1   |
        |                       |
        v   group-name=artemis-2|
+-------+--------+     +------> --------+
|artemis slave 1 |     |artemis slave 2 |
+----------------+     +----------------+

Note that this configuration also has inter-pod anti-affinity
between master and slaves do they don't end up working on the same physical
node. Also, there is a disruption budget
<> of just
one and only one master or slave could be down at the same time without
involving data loss.

This could be acceptable as version 1, as it might be useful for many
users. However, I found a little thing that is usually fine but seems to be
bothersome for Kubernetes. Slaves do not open ports nor serve traffic while
they are just being slaves. Kubernetes have one special nuance in terms of
load balancing, the load balancer does not check for the pods to be
healthy. Its Kubernetes itself doing two checks, liveness (should I restart
you?) and readiness (are you ready?). the readiness mean both I'm started
and also I'm ready to receive traffic. Given that slaves do not open ports
they won't typically be ready (if they where the load balancer would route
to them and those request would fail). And thus, the helm chart present
weird behaviors like for instance the following:

helm install activemq-artemis --wait

Will timeout, as --wait will try to wait for every pod to be in ready
state. Unless I go for much more sophisticated balancing solutions this is
mostly unavoidable and undesirable.

One possible solution I have contemplated might be perhaps a bit too
creative and I'd preferred to run it here before executing. What If I set
up a cluster of Artemis with no persistence, no local queues and just core
connections to the real servers:

          +-----load balancer----+
          |                      |
          |                      |
          |                      |
          |                      |
    +--proxy 1--+         +---proxy 2--+
    |           |         |            |
    |           |         |            |
    |           |         |            |
    |           |         |            |
    |           |         |            |
 master 1    slave 1    master 2   slave 2

With my limited understanding, I believe those mostly stateless Artemis
would act as a proxy just as I wanted to wrap the needs of Kubernetes into
a proxy with no need of new code.

Is this assumption right? Would there be a risk of data loss? I assume
there would be unless I activate persistence, would there be a work-around
for this?