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Three node Artemis cluster

I'm having some issues with my 3 node Artemis cluster (v2.6.0).

Here is the snippet from my broker.xml on node1:



         <connector name="netty-connector">tcp://</connector>

        <acceptor name="netty-acceptor">tcp://</acceptor>



         <cluster-connection name="artemis-cluster">

The broker.xml is the same on node2 & node3 of the cluster, but I obviously
change the cluster-connector  URL's in the connectors and static-connectors
sections to reflect node1/node3 if I'm on node2 and node1/node3 if I'm on

When I start the broker on each node, the cluster starts up fine and I can
see that there are 3 nodes in the cluster logging into the web console for
each node.

However, if I create an address and a queue on node1, that address and
queues are not created on any of the other 2 nodes - is that working as
expected or is something not working correctly?

My assumption reading the documentation is that all queues should be
available across all 3 nodes of the cluster.

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