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[GitHub] activemq-artemis issue #2418: ARTEMIS-2142 Fix ServerJMSMessage

Github user gemmellr commented on the issue:
    > So openwire always returns a value on asking groupseq. It never gives an ability to determine if it was set by client or not.
    It does seem to return a value if you ask for one, which it shouldn't, but it also does not populate the property name all the time, so its not clear why the value would be asked for. This is showing up in the AMQP message because it is in the property names being iterated, which it shouldn't be.
    > We have to be able to set it somehow during conversion. This is being set on message conversion. The issues here are on protocol conversion. Were not changing amqp message
    From what I see, the method is not used during conversion to an AMQP message, with that being set directly on the underlying Properties section within the converter. Setting it any other time is then stepping toward a protocol violation.
    I am not asking for just a sticking plaster. I did suggest that we fix small "one line" bugs separately from comparatively massive general code refactorings (did not say they shouldnt be done). I suggest that we avoid actively violating the protocol as this likely will likely result (and as mentioned, the setter was noted as being deliberately left out of the AMQP bits when that method was added). I do not think we should emit group-sequence values that were never set on the message.
    I'm done giving feedback on Artemis issues for a while.