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[GitHub] activemq-artemis issue #2401: ARTEMIS-1710 Allow management msgs to exceed g...

Github user clebertsuconic commented on the issue:
    @franz1981 / @michaelandrepearce : Management messages exist to manage the broker. they are passed right into QueueController and are not queued.
    Hence they should not be managed by blocking / paging or anything.
    They should just be consumed right away, and not parsed by PagingManager.. never.
    I actually thought this was the case..
    This could block you out.
    Say you need to drop a queue because the broker memory is off limits. if your only option is to use management messages, you're locked out of our own broker.
    Hence... management messages shouldn't be blocked or paged. they should just be consumed right away.
    i consider this a bug. .and it should be fixed without adding any configuration.
    if (isManagement) maxSize = -1;... don't use any blocking / paging / fail!