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[GitHub] activemq-artemis issue #2401: ARTEMIS-1710 Allow management msgs to pass the...

Github user franz1981 commented on the issue:
    @michaelandrepearce I've started working on the alternative one based on a second level global limit, but TBH I've already found quite complex to add such condition without breaking any of the current behaviours.
    I'm evaluating if it is really the case to add a more precise feature whose real use case would be the same of this one while involving a similar level of dangerousness.
    To obtain something similar to:
    <global-max-size>Any value or left it -1 to be auto-tuned</global-max-size>
    the alternative solution will need to configure:
    <global-non-management-max-size>The original value used for global-max-size</global-non-management-max-size>
    <global-max-size>A value that is assumed to be unlimited</global-max-size>
     Only this configuration can give the 100% guarantee to the user that any management message won't be paged/fail/block regardless the current size of the non-management addresses.
    This type of configuration is dangerous for the same reasons this same PR is.
    In addition it will need to add:
    - a new value that identify an unlimited value, because -1 for `global-max-size` will force it to be auto-tuned
    - a way to auto-tune the `global-non-management-max-size` too (as we're doing it for `global-max-size`)
    - an impact on any code paths of the check that we perform now