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Aggregate subscriptions from users


we got the problem that some of our developers are subscribing to a specific
topic several times. Each time the filter is changed a little bit and it
uses a different ID within one of its fields.

The problem is that those thousands of subscripions cause a lot of load at
the server and therefor everything is slowing down. The developers now say
that it is really difficult for them to change this to an "in" clause filter
and therefor this should be done by the "subscribe" method on JMS itself.

I wanted to answer them that they are doing it wrong, but it seems to be too
hard to get and they  suggested that the subscription to the topic should
handle that.
So I kindly ask for your help if you see any possibility to aggregate
subscriptions or if you also think that the "in" filter clause is the way to

Thanks in advance!


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