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[DISCUSS] Artemis Release cadence

I see users asking sometimes when would bug fix y or feature x be available.
I see alot of other apache projects have a clear feature and bug release cadence policy, which helps users know and expect what timescales to expect stuff. 
Also it stops problems of features being held up behind some big feature that could delay a release and users getting something theyre waiting for, as simply the item that didnt make it would slip into the next timed release cycle.
Also for version patching what people should expect.
It would be good if we could have something agreed like:
Major release (breaking) avoided but once per year at most.
Minor release (feature) every 4 months (jan,may,sept)
Bug release every month (6 weeks) with current minor release -1 version being cherry picked to.
Where we release no matter and simply what makes it in makes it, and anything missing because theres a timeline you know when it will be next.

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