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Re: ActiveMQ disable SASL authentication

On 10/02/2018 10:17 AM, jafparejo wrote:
Hi all,

We are configuring an ActiveMQ broker version 5.15.6. After starting the
broker we try to make a simple test connection with amqp transport connector
" <transportConnector name="amqp" uri="amqp://localhost:5672"/>"

but we received an error message
"PN_TRANSPORT_CLOSED: amqp:connection:framing-error: AMQP header mismatch:
AMQP SASL layer"

This simple client connection has been made with qpid-proton-0.25.0

Since these are our first steps with amqp and ActiveMQ broker we don't need
authentication nor any other security layers. As we know for other brokers
(rabbit, qpid,) it seems that we have started ActiveMQ broker with SASL
authentication enable.
Is there any way to disable SASL authentication in ActiveMQ broker for amqp
We have not found anythings.

Thanks in advance.

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SASL is enabled by default but if you haven't created any security configuration it would happily accept a SASL anonymous connection so I'd go that route instead of trying to work around the safer SASL enabled configuration.

Tim Bish