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Hi all,
I just wanted to get the ball rolling again on this discussion, we've made some great progress made on the initial code base we started a while back, we've created a responsive
 design based on bootstrap which looks pretty nice on both mobile and desktop, bringing us into 2018 ;).  All the content was exported from the current site by Bruce already, and now lives under the documentation link on the ActiveMQ 5 project page.
There's obviously still some work to do but I wanted to send now to get some early feedback and hopefully get some input on content for the home pages for each project.  What
 do need to have happen to make this live.  I'd prefer not to spend months trying to get this perfect, but if we could get an MVP for the website live and kicking, we can improve it iteratively over time.
I'd love to here your thoughts,
The code is here:
And a demo



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