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Regular and intermittent interrupt/resume between broker and client connector


I have implemented client producer to ActiveMQ broker but find with
firewalls in our environment that there can be regular interrupt/resume
cycles between the broker and connector. In the connector, when we get a
resume we set a boolean isConnected and check this when we go to send a
request to the broker. What I have noticed is that we dequeue the message
for sending and try to send to find out we are currently disconnected from
the broker. So our message gets discarded at the client and we report a send
failure. This is not reliable enough for the application setting. Can you
please offer advice or experience based on similar environment where
interrupt/resume cycle is regular and how you would guarantee delivery to
the broker? In my mind, we can enqueue a failed send in the connector again
until the broker connectivity resumes but I'm concerned that the connector
would have to handle constant dequeue/enqueue cycle.


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