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[GitHub] activemq-artemis issue #2093: ARTEMIS-1872 Check for queue exists before cre...

Github user clebertsuconic commented on the issue:
    the more I digg.. the more I'm convinced there's no need for the version check... if we can speak on IRC before we merge this?
    The version check was basically for wire compatibility... for semantic you just change the server... there's no wire changes here. .just keep it this way?
    and if this is breaking the client->server contract in a way it needs a raise to the properties. .this would bump the release into 2.7.0...
    We can't make changes to versioning on point releases... if later on we need to make any other changes into 2.7.0... it will be some extra complexity on bumping the release there again.
    It seems we can simplify this a lot?