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Re: [DISCUSS] Commits report

I think the report is nice, consolidating the details as it does. Its
worth saying much of it is essentially available live via the JIRA
release notes though given appropriate JIRA/commit handling.

When you mention "the release report", do you mean the announcement
email? If so I dont think including it would be an issue, though I
probably wouldnt as the existing JIRA based release notes output (e.g seems
more suited for typical user needs to me than this, which feels like
it would be more useful to e.g the community before/during the vote.

I dont think it should be put on the mirrors however, which it
currently would be if left in the location it is now and the release
is published in the prior manner. Putting it on the website seems more
appropriate. If it is to be put on the mirrors however its essentially
'released' and so likely needs some licensing information added as the
HTML has none (though it is generated, so that may be ok) and the js
files distributed alongside dont detail any other than URLs which isnt
sufficient. The css at least mentions the names along with its URLs,
but thats perhaps not sufficient either.


On 17 May 2018 at 03:52, Clebert Suconic <clebert.suconic@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Before someone asks on the VOTE Thread.. I wanted to point out that I
> made a small project to parse git commit and generate a report.
> I have ran the report on top of artemis and I'm adding a commit report
> here that can be useful at least on the voter's thread:
> I think it would be useful to have this one on top of the release
> report as well. If nobody opposes I would like to add it to the next
> release report.
> The report generator current lives on my github page but it could be
> moved somewhere else if someone bothers about being on my github fork:
> --
> Clebert Suconic