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Re: Reword NMS for AMQPNetLite

To clarify, Ragnar is referring to the NMS.AMQP rework proposed earlier on
the dev list.

I believe what was agreed to in principle was to donate the contents of our
github repo:

To replace the contents of the existing NMS.AMQP repo:

Can anyone please provide some guidance on how we should go about doing
this?  Would a reasonable next step be to submit a pull request to the
github mirror (  Or is there a
review and/or vote process that needs to take place first?

Would steps towards an initial release take place after the code is in the
Apache repository? Do we need to integrate with any kind of nightly build
and/or CI infrastructure?

Thanks in advance!


On Tue, May 15, 2018 at 1:36 PM, Ragnar Paulson <ragnarpaulson@xxxxxxxxx>

> Greetings,
> A while ago (quite a long while ago)  Duane Pauls and Christopher Morgan
> suggested reworking the NMS.AMQP layer for AMQPnetLite.
> I have joined them in this effort, today I signed and forwarded a signed
> ICLA to the secretary.
> At this point we have a working implementation tested extenstively against
> ActiveMQ and Artemis.  There is a set of tests in the NUNIT framework
> covering the features supported . Documentation is ongoing, testing against
> more brokers, and as always code cleanup details and commenting.
> It is a VS2017 project.
> So now what are the next steps?  I have heard there may be a continuous
> integration test framework to integrate with.
> Regards,
> Ragnar Paulson