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[GitHub] activemq-artemis issue #1722: (WIP DO NOT MERGE) ARTEMIS-1545 Support JMS 2....

Github user mtaylor commented on the issue:
    @michaelandrepearce In general I think this looks good.  
    The only thing I am not seeing here is backwards compat between the new client and an old server.  There are two ways you can easily handle this:
    1. Instead of creating new SessionSend V2 Packets, you can just extend the old one and add the extra bits at the end of the buffer.  This would mean the old server can still decode the message.  (It would just ignore the last couple bytes).
    2. Check to see if the server version >= 130 and create the appropriate packets.
    @clebertsuconic has just ported/extended a backwards compat framework in another PR.  Once this is merged you should be able to easily test for this.